DIVE IN JAPAN offers you information below. The information is meant to be useful for you as a tourist so you may understand Japanese culture more deeply and enjoy your stay in Japan.

1  Food

Experience the difference

You can probably eat Japanese food in your country, but the uniqueness of Japanese cuisine  is very delicious and  offered with topnotch service.

Difficult to find in your country

Traditional Japanese food that is difficult to find and try.


2  Experience

Japanese culture and habits that make your travel more memorable and special.


3  Sightseeing

Introduction of beautiful places with many picturesque views

Great spots in Tokyo

Great spots in Saitama


4  Souvenirs

Recommendations to buy gifts and souvenirs




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  • A Japanese living in Saitama and working in Tokyo
  • Stayed in Canada to study English
  • A photolover


Have you ever had Japanese food? Do you know some aspects of Japanese culture such as judo, hot springs and working really hard? Maybe your answer is yes. However, they are part of the experiences that Japan has to offer. There are the things you can experience only in Japan.

What you experience about Japanese culture where you live might be limited. During my stay in Vancouver, I went to Japanese restaurants and often cooked Japanese food. The flavors were okay, and actually, I like sushi in Canada. However, the food is different than in Japan, so I missed my favorite Japanese restaurants and food products a lot. Also, Japanese gardens in Canada are really beautiful, but we can’t have matcha green tea and hear sounds of Japanese instruments in the gardens.

I would like to tell you about the awesome foods, activities and events of Japan that are difficult to find and experience in other countries. I hope this website increases your interest for Japan and that you have wonderful times here in the future.

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