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【A park in Saitama】Illuminated colored leaves in Shinrin Park,Namegawa

Many lights and colored leaves

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There are some famous places known for beautiful colored leaves such as Kyoto and Nikko. Many people aren’t aware of the numerous places in Saitama where the beautiful colored leaves can be seen. Shinrin park,also known as the Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park, is one of the spots. The illuminated colored leaves at night is especially wonderful.

A event in fall | Colored leaves are lit-up at night

About one month from early November to early December, The colored leaves in Shinrin Park are lit-up at night. Around 500 maple trees are illuminated. Lights with various Japanese patterns are placed in the passage, and they are also very beautiful. Many pieces of art are displayed in the park during this event as well.

Duration of the event


From early November to early December

※Check the latest information on the park website

※The event information is written in Japanese.



From 4:30 PM- 8:30 PM

※Opening time is 4:00 PM in December  

※The last entry is 8:00 PM



1920 Yamata, Namegawa, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0802

 The entrance gate

Central gate

※other gates are closed at night


By public transportation

 The nearest station |  Higashimatsuyama station

Tobu Tojyo Line 

Get on the free shuttle bus to Shinrin Park

※The other buses at Higashimatsuyama station don’t stop to the entrance gate of this event. 


By car

Parking lots  300 yen

※Only parking lots at central gate is opened at night

※From 4:30 PM(From 4PM in December)

Entrance fee

Adult(Over hight school students) : 450 yen

Senior(Older 65 years old) : 210 yen

Younger than 15 years old:Free

About Shinrin park

Shinrin Park is a quite large park and is the size of 65 Tokyo Domes. There is a huge trampoline and many athletic playground equipment in the park,so kids must have lots of fun there. In addition, people can see many type of seasonal flowers such as poppies in spring and dahlias in summer.

The Website of Shinrin Park