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【A temple in Saitama】Colored leaves in Heirin-ji, Niiza

main gate of Heirin-ji

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Heirin-ji was built in Iwatsuki district,Saitama,in 1375. Sadly, it burned down during the Sengoku period. Ieyasu Tokugawa offered money and land to rebuild Heirin-ji , and then it was built in 1592. Heirinji was moved from Iwatsuki to Niiza in 1663 by Nobutsuna Tokugawa’s will. Heirin-ji is the famous temple where many Buddhist monks come for the ascetic training.

Nature in Heirin-ji

The forest environment in Heirin-ji has been preserved. In 1968, it was designated as a natural monument. There are many beautiful trees on the forest grounds.

Beautiful trees in Heirin-ji

Beautiful colored leaves in Heirin-ji

Hirin-ji is a very popular as a spot where people can see beautiful colored leaves. Seeing the colorful trees and the historical temple is awesome. Suisouken,which is located across from Heirin-ji, is lit-up in the end of November, I recommend visiting Suisouken when you visit Heirin-ji. 

※Check the schedule of lit-up in Suisouken on the website below



3-1-1 Nobidome,Niza,Saitama 352-0011

By Public Transportation

Train Line Train Station The Exit to Bus Terminal Bus Number
Tobu Tojyo Line
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line
Shiki South Exit Hibari (ひばり)73
Tobu Tojyo Line
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line
Asakadai South Exit Kuru( 久留 )22, Asa(朝)24-1
Seibu Ikebukuro Line Higashikurume East exit Kuru (久留) 22, Kuru (久留) 23
Seibu Ikebukuro Line Hibarigaoka North Exist Hibari (ひばり) 73
JR Musashino Line Niiza South Exit Kuru (久留) 23

Entrance Fee

Adult 500 yen

Elementary school students    200 yen

Younger than elementary school students Free

Opening hours

9:00 AM~4:30 PM
※The last entry is 4:00PM.


Heirin-ji doesn’t offer goshuin. (It will be offered from February in 2020)