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【Gardens in Tokyo】Illuminated cherryblossoms and Illuminated trees in Rikugien

Illuminated colored leave

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History and Feature of Rikugien Gardens

The  garden was created in the 15th year of the Genroku era (1702) by Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu. It took 7 years to complete the garden. It is a typical example of the famous gardens of Edo Period.  Rikugien is considered Edo Period’s most beautiful Japanese landscape garden alongside Koishikawa Korakuen. 

View Points

Weeping cherry blossoms

The weeping cherry blossoms bloom at the end of March. It looks like pink waterfall.


Togetsukyo is a bridge made from stones. The scenery from the bridge is really awesome.

Fukiage chaya

People can have macha and Japanese sweets while enjoying the beautiful gardens at Fukiage Chaya.

The Japanese sweets are shaped like seasonal flowers. They look very beautiful and elegant.

Opening hours :09:00AM~04:45PM


Seasonal events 

Illuminated cherry blossoms in April

 Weeping cherry blossoms are lit-up at night from the end of March to the beginning of April. The opening hours are extended to 9 PM.

I strongly recommend arrive at Rikugien by sunset during the event,because so many people go there to see the illuminated cherry blossoms at night.



The end of March to the beginning of April   



Sunset~09:00 PM(The last entry time is 8:30 PM)

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Azalea and Hydrangea in May and June

Azalea blooms at the end of May and hydrangea blooms in June. When azalea blooms, the area around the pond turns to be a brilliant pink.

Illuminated trees in November

Trees whose leaves are red and yellow are lit-up in November. The colored leaves reflected on the water surface look amazing. The opening hours are extended to 9 PM.

I strongly recommend arrive at Rikugien by sunset during the event,because so many people go there to see the illuminated trees at night.



The middle of November to the beginning of December    



Sunset ~ 9:00 PM(The last entry is 8:30 PM)

※Check the detail on the Website

Beautiful autumn leaves and a bridge



Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Honkomagome 6-chome


The nearest station

Komagome station

JR Yamanote Line and Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line

(4 minutes on foot)




Operation hours and Fee

Opening hours

9:00 am – 5:00 pm (The last entry is 4:30 PM)



General:300 yen

65 years of age or older:150 yen

elementary school or younger:free


The great spots near Rikugien

There are some great spots to visit near Rikugien. You should go the places too!

Kyu-Furukawa Gardens

There are a western style residence called Otani Art Museum and two types of gardens in Kyu-Furukawa Gardens. The place must heal you as Rikugien does. Check the article to know more detail!


Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping Street

Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping street is called Old Lady’s Harajuku. It means they can buy whatever they want on the street! You can buy traditional foods,clothes and nick-nack etc, there. The street is an attractive place not only for elderly people but also for people in other generations. Why don’t you visit Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping street and feel the atmosphere of the Japanese people’s daily life and the warmth of the people working on the street? 


Rikugien is one of most beautiful Japanese gardens in Tokyo. If you like nature,flowers and Japanese gardens, Rikugien is the place you should visit!