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【Japanese winter food】Nikuman is a delicious snack! Go to a convenience store to get it!


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In winter, if you go to the convenience stores, you’ll be able to find a white, small, soft dough-like bun next to the cashier. The name of this food is called chukaman,it consists of a meat filling. Threre are different types of chukaman such as anman which have different fillings. Freshly-made chukaman is especially delicious. When I go to the convenience store on a cold day, I start to think about buying chukaman.

This article will be useful for :
・People who go to convenience stores regularly

・People who stay or travel around Japan in winter

Please find more information regarding chukaman!

Chukaman is a steamed bun made with flour into fluffy white dough, and filled with pork or other ingredients made into a paste. Chukaman is originally from China,but this food is popular in Japan too. The dough is sweet,so it is delicious even if you eat just the dough. Japanese often eat chukaman as snack.

There are many different types of chukaman!


Nikuman is the most popular types of chukaman. The ingredients are pork,onions,shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots etc. People living in eastern Japan call it nikuman,and people living in western Japan call it butaman. Nikuman is sold at convenience stores in the winter.



A sweet beans paste is used for Anman . Anman is a perfect sweet for the winter time. If you feel that you wanna eat something sweet,please buy Anman.



Pizzaman is a chukaman that tastes like pizza. Tomato and cheese are used in the paste. The melted cheese in pizzaman is so delicious! Kids love this types of chukaman.


The place where you can buy chukaman

Where can we buy chukaman? Do you know that we can get chukaman at places where we often go?

Convenience stores

Many Japanese buy chukaman at convenience stores. Each convenience store sells chukaman in winter, so please ask a cashier which chukaman you can buy. Each chain has their own types of chukaman. Why don’t you buy chukaman from  convenience stores, and then find your favorite.

A convenience store

China town

There are some china towns in Japan. Yokohama chinatown in Kanagawa and Nankin china town in Kobe are famous. There are many Chinese restaurants and shops on the streets, so you can buy and eat chukaman. When you travel in Yokohama or Kobe, it would be good to go to the china towns to eat chukaman.

Yokohama China town


If you think that you want to eat chukaman at home, please go to a supermarket to get it. Many different types of chukaman are sold at supermarkets. Add a little water and then put the chukaman into microwave. Delicious chukaman will be made within a minute.  If you want to eat chukaman at home, buy some at a supermarket.

Choosing a product at a supermaket

Chukaman is a popular convenience store food in winter. They are sold only in winter. If you have never eaten chukaman, please try it!