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【Hot Springs near Tokyo】5 Great Day-Use Hot Springs in Saitama selected by a local

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There are many famous hot springs(Onsen) such as Hakone and Kusatsu in Japan. Japanese people often go to hot springs. Do you know that there are many day-use hot springs(Higaeri Onsen) in Saitama? It’s easy to access from Tokyo and other prefectures in Kanto to Saitama. You should go and experience day-use hot springs in Saitama. This article provides basic information and etiquette about hot springs and recommends 5 great day-use hot springs in Saitama by the author,who lives in Saitama.

There are many types of hot springs,and each with a different effect. Skin could be made dewy and poor health conditions such as body pain and constipation are alleviated by the effects of hot springs. If you want to know more,check the website below.

Japanese people love Onsen!

Onsen is hot springs in Japanese. Japanese people love onsen,which is not only at ryokan,but also many hotels. Onsen resorts are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan. Many people go to onsen resorts, especially in winter.
Woman enjoys onsen

Etiquette at hot springs

The biggest differences between hot springs in Japan and in other countries, is that people have to be undressed. Therefore, men and women use hot springs separately. In addition,there is some important etiquette to use hot springs such as pouring hot water first, tying long hair,and not putting towels in hot springs. Please watch these videos below about proper hot springs etiquette.

People who have tattoos might prohibit from using hot springs

In Japan, tattoos have a history of being used by criminals and anti-social forces, and many people who have them feel “scary” to others. Because of this,hot springs and pool facilities may prohibit the people who have tattoos from using them. Please confirm if hot sptings accept people who have tattoos from using the facility in advance. You can find tattoo-friendly places in Japan by using the website below.


Difference between Ryokan and Higaeri Onsen(Day-use Hot Springs)

Ryokan means Japanese style hotel. Tatami flooring used in the rooms,people sleep on futon. They can also enjoy hot springs. There are lot of ryokan in onsen resorts such as Hakone and Kusatsu. Compared to ryokan, Higaeri Onsen(Day-use Hot Springs) usually don’t provide the ability to sleep through night,but people can enjoy many different types of onsen,sauna even bedrock bath.

Arima Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen

Higaeri Onsen

Saitama is a paradise of Day-Use hot springs?!

There are not many onsen resorts in Saitama,but there are so many day-use hot springs there. There are many great day-use hot springs in Saitama, that  take about one hour to get to from Tokyo. If you don’t have enough time to go for a long term stay, visiting the onsen in Saitama is a great option!


5 Great recommended Day-use Hot Springs in Saitama

The author living in Saitama selected 5 great day-use hot springs in Saitama. day-use hot springs in the countryside have lots of nature scenery. Although there are day-use hot springs in Tokyo,it’s difficult to find hot springs with similar nature scenes due to lots of tall buildings. If you are a nature lover,you should go to day-use hot springs in Saitama.

①Hanayu Spa Resort in Kumagaya

Hanayu Spa resort is located in Kumagaya  in the north of Saitama. The facilities are very clean and have lots of beautiful nature. Especially the autumn leaves in fall is amazing. This day-use hot springs has various types of hot springs and bedrock bathes. Also,you can drink hot coffee and teas,and read manga as much as you want. Many people relax and stay long because of this satisfying facilities and services. You can use the free bus from Kumagaya station.
※Kids under elementary school students can’t use bedrock bathes and relaxation spaces
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②Hanayu no Mori in Fukaya

Hanayu no Mori is located in Fukaya,north of Saitama. This day-use hot springs is next to golf courses,so many people who enjoy golf come here to relax. It has lots of beautiful nature. In addition, the atmosphere is calm. Fukaya is famous for spring onions,so you can eat fresh spring onion with udon and shabushabu. Hanayu no Mori is far from a station,so I recommend you to go there by car or taxi.

※Kids under 12 years old can’t use this facility

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③SPA HERBS in Saitama

SPA HERBS is located in Saitama city,southeast of Saitama. There are many hot springs and bedrock baths. A feature of this spa is that it has various types of relaxation spaces such as a kids space and a hammock space. People can spend all day and have a good time. It’s near Tokyo. In addition, a free bus is available to get on at Omiya station.

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④Uta no Yu in Sugito

Uta no Yu is located in Sugito,east of Saitama. The color of the hot springs water is brown and cloudy. There are various types of hot springs. A buffet restaurant offers many different types of foods such as Japanese, Western and Chinese. You can use the free bus at Tobu Doubutsu Koen station.

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⑤Gokuraku Yu in Hanyu

Gokuraku Yu is one of most famous day-use hot springs chains. The one in Hanyu,northeast of Saitama, is my favorite. There are many different types of open-air baths here. The facility is large and has natural scenery,so it is a perfect place to relax. Gokurakuyu is far from a station,so I recommend you to go there by car or taxi.

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Could you find day-use hot springs you are interested in? It’s good to go to day-use hot springs to remove your tiredness and stress.