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【Special Service at a Cafe】Enjoy coffee with morning service

Morning service at a cafe in Saitama

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Do you drink coffee in the morning? I often drink it on my day-off. Fresh coffee helps us get a great start,doesn’t it?

Some of you guys are from the countries which have cafe culture. Japan also has lots of great cafes. The number of coffee chains has increased recently, and many of them offer a special service in the morning.

This article will introduce you the morning service at a cafe.

You can get some foods free of charge by ordering a drink in the morning. Many coffee shops have morning service. This service offer is only in the morning. If you are a person who likes to have a nice time in the morning, you should get the morning service at a coffee shop.
morning service at a cafe

Foods which are often offered as the morning service

The foods below are offered as the morning service at coffee shops.

Half a Slice of Toast

Thick, half a slice of toast is so delicious. Some coffee shops also offer jam and sweet bean paste with half size of toast.

Boiled Egg

Get protein! Some cafes offer scramble egg toast instead of a boiled egg.


Many people have a custom to eat yogurt in the morning. You can have yogurt by morning service at a coffee shop.
※ Some coffee shops offer it free of charge,but others don’t.


Eating fresh vegetables makes us feel great! Some coffee shops offer salad as a morning service.
※ Some coffee shops offer it free of charge,but others don’t.

The morning service was started in Nagoya!

The morning service originated in Nagoya, Aichi, so there are many coffee shops that offer the service in Nagoya. The morning service in Nagoya is famous for the wide variety and large quantity of foods. If you have a chance to go to Nagoya, it would be great to enjoy a breakfast at one of the coffee shops.

You can experience the morning service around Tokyo!

The morning service used to be offered by coffee shops around Nagoya. However, we can enjoy a coffee with the service in the other areas such as Tokyo. There are people that use the morning service almost every day.
Morning service at a cafe in Saitama

3 Great coffee chains in Tokyo and Saitama

I will introduce 3 famous coffee chains that offer the morning service.

Komeda Coffee(コメダ珈琲)

Komeda Coffee is a coffee shop that was established in Nagoya. Komeda Coffee’s morning service is very famous and many people visit to experience this whilst enjoying their coffee.
Komeda toast is very thick and soft. You can get half a slice of toast with either boiled egg, egg salad spread or sweet beans paste. If you have a taste for all things sweet, I recommend choosing the sweet beans paste!

Hoshino Coffee(星乃珈琲)

Hoshino Coffee is also famous. Hoshino Coffee offers  half a slice of toast with boiled egg as the morning service.

Musashi no Mori Coffee(むさしの森珈琲)

Musashi no Mori Coffee is a very comfortable coffee shop to eat and relax in. It’s very popular among young people. The coffee shop offers half a slice of toast and the option for customers to choose between boiled egg,whipped cream with caramel or strawberry sauce and lastly cheese.