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【The flower in fall】Go to Gongendo park in Satte to see higanbana

Higanbana at gongendo park

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Red spider lily is called higanbana in Japan, because the flower blooms during ohigan season.

There is the place where people can see lots of beautiful higanbana in Satte, Saitama. The place is gongendo. That’s a great spot to visit in September or October.


Higanbana at gongendo park

In fall, lots of higanbana bloom like big red carpets at gongendo park. Volunteers started to plant them in 2000. Around 5 million higanbana bloom there in September and October every year. From the middle of September to the beginning of October, the manjushage festival takes place at the park.

※Red spider lily is called manjushage or higanbana in Japan.

※Check the bloom forecast on the website of gongendo park

Higanbata at gongendo
Higanbana at gongendo park

Other flowers we can see at gongendo

Gongendo park is very famous as a place where we can see beautiful flowers throughout the year. Cherry blossoms and canola flowers bloom in Spring, hydrangeas bloom in the rainy season. Many people visit the park and enjoy the scenery.

cherry blossoms and canola flowers bloom at gongendo park
cherry blossoms and canola flowers
hydrangeas bloom in the rainy season

Access to gongendo

I recommend you to visit gongendo park by train and bus or car.


Go by train and bus

Get off Tobu Nikko line at Satte station, and then get on the bus bound for Gokamachiyakuba. Get off the bus at Gongendo.


Go by car

Around 10 minutes from Satte IC

 Around 20 minutes from Kuki IC



Gongendo Tsutsumi, 887 3 Uchigouma, Satte, Saitama

Parking lots at gongendo

Opening Hours

Opening hours( from April to September)

From 8:30 AM~ 7:00PM


Opening hours( from October to March)

From 8:30 AM~ 5:00PM


Parking fee


※Except the duration of cherry blossom festival


Fall is the great season to go out and enjoy seasonal flowers. Go to gongendo park and see the beautiful higanbana!