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【The Flower Fields in Japan】The Largest Poppy Fields in Konosu

poppy fields in konosu

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In Saitama prefecture, you can see many different types of flowers. If you like flowers, please come to Saitama. You’ll have a great time there.

This article will introduce the largest poppy fields in Japan. The fields are located in Konosu, Saitama.

【The flower fields in Japan】The vast poppy fields in Konosu, Saitama

Konosu city is located in the middle of Saitama, and the city is famous for Hina dolls and beautiful flowers.

In spring, brilliant red, pink and yellow poppies bloom and the scenery is so gorgeous.
There are two sites where you can see beautiful poppies.The first one is the Mamuro site and the other one is the Fukiage site.
Poppy fields in the Mamuro site are the largest poppy fields in Japan and the size is 12.5 ha. It means this poppy fields are over two times bigger than the Tokyo dome. It is good to go to the poppy fields with your partner, your family, even your dogs!

When I went to the poppy fields, I noticed some people looking at the fields while riding a jinriki sha. It is an unfogettable, special experience in Japan!

jinrikisha in poppy fields

A couple walking in poppy fields

You can also see wheat dianthus!

The two venues also have wheat dianthus fields. The purple flowers are also amazing.

wheat dianthus

The middle of May is the best time to visit!

Poppies in Konosu usually start blooming around the middle of May. The festivals take place at the Mamuro and the Fukiage sites. There are not so many people on weekdays compared to weekends, I strongly recommend visiting the poppy fields on the weekdays in May.

※The festival takes place at different dates on the Mamuro and Fukiage sites. For more details please  check Konosu city website.
※The URL below contains information about the festival information taking place 2020
yellow poppy in konosu
poppy and bridge

Cosmos fields in fall are also beautiful!!!

There are two famous flowers that you can see in Konosu. They are poppy and cosmos. Pink,white and yellow cosmos bloom in Fall. The best time of year to see cosmos in bloom is October.
If you have the opportunity to visit in Japan in the month of October, the cosmos fields are definitely worth seeing!
cosomos in konosu

【Access】There are two sites where you can see beautiful poppy!

The Mamuro site

The Poppy Happy Square


1139-1 Takimamuro, Konosu

※Packing spaces available
※You can use a free shuttle bus that operates between Konosu station and the Mamuro site on the weekends during the festival

The Fukiage site

Cosmos Arena
 636-1 Myoyo, Konosu

※Packing spaces availabe
※You can use a free shuttle bus that operates between Fukiage station and the Fukiage site on the weekends during the festival
May is one of the best months to travel in Japan. If you stay around Tokyo, Konosu flower fields are worth visiting!